Friday, October 16, 2009

Wheat Bread – Mary Lynn Nelson

6 c water
3 Tbsp. yeast
¾ c sugar or honey
¾ c gluten
¾ c oil
3 eggs
12 c wheat flour

Combine all ingredients but add only ½ the flour. Let set 10 min. Add 2 Tbsp. salt. Then add the rest of the flour. Mix 8 min. on the 2nd setting. Raise 30 min. Makes 6 loaves. Knead & raise until 1 inch above the pan. Bake 350 F for 30 min.

This is a recipe given me by my parents neighbor. I recently tried it without eggs and it worked just great. Denice Bench

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Denice said...

I like this recipe better than Pantry Secrets Bread Recipe. It doesn't taste as yeasty. I like to put sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and in place of 3 cups of Wheat Flour, I use Barley Flour. That way, I get a complete protein