Friday, October 16, 2009

Wheat Bread – Mary Lynn Nelson

6 c water
3 Tbsp. yeast
¾ c sugar or honey
¾ c gluten
¾ c oil
3 eggs
12 c wheat flour

Combine all ingredients but add only ½ the flour. Let set 10 min. Add 2 Tbsp. salt. Then add the rest of the flour. Mix 8 min. on the 2nd setting. Raise 30 min. Makes 6 loaves. Knead & raise until 1 inch above the pan. Bake 350 F for 30 min.

This is a recipe given me by my parents neighbor. I recently tried it without eggs and it worked just great. Denice Bench
Bubble Bread
1 c milk
½ c margarine
½ c sugar
2 eggs (beaten)
1 tsp. salt
2 yeast packages
½ c water
4½ c flour
½ c flour (for kneading)
cinnamon and sugar (mixed)

Scald and cool milk, margarine and sugar. Add eggs, and salt. Dissolve yeast in ½ c water and add. Add 4½ C flour and knead with remaining flour until smooth. Let rise until double. Punch down. Let stand 10 min. Melt some margarine and roll some dough to dip in it and then roll in cinnamon-sugar mix. Stack in buttered bread pan. Let rise. Bake for 50 min. Place cookie sheet under bread while baking to catch drips.

Buttermilk Rolls

2 c hot water
½ c shortening
½ c sugar
2 eggs (well beaten)
7 c flour
2 pkgs. yeast
1 tsp. salt
½ tsp. soda
3 tsp. baking powder
6 T powdered buttermilk

First beat eggs, add 2 cups hot water, shortening and sugar. Set back. Second, dissolve 2 packages yeast in ½ c warm water, then add to above mixture. Third, sift flour, salt, soda and baking powder and buttermilk. Mix with above mixture until you have a very smooth soft dough. Let rest 10 min, then you are ready to make into dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, orange rolls, or doughnuts. If you prefer to use fresh buttermilk in the place of powdered buttermilk, substitute 1 c fresh buttermilk.

White Bread
2 pkgs. dry yeast
3/4 c warm water
22/3 c warm water
¼ c sugar
1 T salt
¼ c oil
9-10 c flour

Dissolve yeast in 3/4 c warm water. Stir together 22/3 c warm water, sugar, salt, oil and half of the flour. Add yeast. Beat until smooth. Mix in enough remaining flour to make dough easy to handle. Turn dough onto lightly floured board; knead until smooth and elastic, about 10 min. Place in greased bowl; turn greased side up; cover; let rise in warm place until double. About 1 hour. Punch down dough; divide in ½ roll each ½ into rectangle,16x9". Roll up, beginning at short side. Press each end to seal. Grease loaf pan. Let rise until double. Bake 375* for 35 min. Cool on rack. Makes 2 loafs.

Easy Cinnamon Rolls - Linda Olsen

1 box yellow cake mix
5 c flour
2 pkg. yeast
2½ c hot water

Mix ingredients until smooth. Add enough flour to make a soft dough. Knead until smooth. Let rise for 10 min. Roll into a rectangle. spread with melted butter. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Roll up and slice. Let rise until doubled on a greased baking sheet. Bake at 350* oven for 15 min.

Whole Wheat Bread - Carma Crippen

2 T yeast in ½ c warm water
7 c unsifted whole wheat flour
5 c hot tap water
2/3 c oil
2/3 c honey
2 T salt
5 or 6 more cups whole wheat flour

Combine 5 cups hot water and 7 cups flour. Mix. Add oil, honey, and salt. Add yeast. Knead in 5 or 6 more cups of flour. Dough may be a little sticky. Let raise as long as possible. A minimum of triple in size. If you have all day, punch it down as many as 5 times. (This helps your wheat bread be soft like your white bread) Divide into 3 sections, place in greased pans. Let raise 1/3 in bulk. Bake 350* about 40 min.

Pizza Crust - Karen Crippen Ricks

1 pkg. yeast
1 c water
1 tsp. salt
3½ c flour
2 T oil

Combine yeast & water together first. Add to flour, salt & oil combination. Roll out on pizza pan, add your cheeses, etc. and bake at 450* for 20 min.

French Bread - Karen Ricks

2 T dry yeast (6 T)
2½ c hot water (7½)
3 T sugar (½ c + 1/8 c)
1 T salt (3 T)
5 T shortening or ¼ c oil (3/4 c)
6 c unsifted flour (18 c)

In a large bowl , dissolve hot water, and yeast until yeast bubbles. Add in sugar, salt, oil. Stir in ½ of flour. Beat. Add flour. Let it Rest 10 min. Leave spoon in batter. Rise 5 on cookie sheet. Let double. Bake at 350* for 35 min.

Basic Roll Dough- Shawna Jardine

1 ½ T yeast
½ c warm water
1 T sugar
1¾ c milk
¼ c butter
1/3–½ c sugar
1 tsp. salt
2 c flour
2 eggs

Dissolve yeast in warm water with 1 T sugar. In a liquid measuring cup, heat milk & butter on high for 5 min. Pour into mixing bowl. Add sugar & salt. Let cool. Add yeast mix & flour. Add eggs & enough flour to make a soft dough. Cover and let raise for 1 hour. Roll out as desired. Let raise 45 min. Bake at 400*F for 12-15 min.

Potato Rolls - Karen Ricks - Bake 400* 10 min.

½ c water
1 T yeast
1 T sugar
½ c potatoes (cooked
1/3 c sugar
½ c shortening
2 eggs
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. soda
1 c canned milk
1 c water
2 c flour
4 c flour

Combine water, sugar, and yeast, let rise. Add and then beat potatoes, sugar, shortening, eggs, salt, baking powder, and soda. Then add milk, water and flour. Lastly, add 4 c flour or more until it's not sticky) Knead. Let it raise for 3 hours.

Easy Breadsticks - Shawna Jardine

1 T yeast
½ c warm water
1 T sugar
1 c Milk
2 T butter
1 tsp. salt
3 T sugar
1 c+ flour
1 egg yolk
wax paper
melted butter
parmesan cheese
garlic salt.

Dissolve yeast in warm water w/sugar. In a microwave bowl, combine milk, & butter. Heat 4 min. on high. Add salt, sugar & flour. Add dissolved yeast mixture & egg yolk. Add enough flour to make a fairly stiff dough. Knead 10 min. Let rise 1 hour. Divide dough into small portions. Roll each piece into a 6-8” rope place 2” apart on a baking sheet. Cover with wax paper let raise 45 min. Brush breadsticks with melted butter & sprinkle with parmesan cheese & garlic salt. Bake 425*F 10 min.

Cinnamon Rolls - Karen Ricks

1 quart buttermilk
1 quart hot water
2 cubes margarine
1-1½ c sugar
3 tsp. salt
flour, just a little
4 T yeast
1 tsp. sugar
6 eggs, beaten
brown sugar
powdered sugar
butter milk

In large bowl put in buttermilk. Heat it with hot water, margarine, sugar, salt, sugar, & flour. Dissolve yeast in with eggs. Then add to mixture. Add flour to make a soft dough. Let rise 1hr. Divide dough in 1/3, spread with butter, brown sugar, and sprinkle cinnamon. Roll and cut with a string. Place in greased cookie sheet-raise dough double. Bake at 400, then turn down to 350. Glaze with powdered sugar, butter, milk & vanilla.